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Oratastic (

An upcoming star in the realm of language learning. We helped to devise the website, developed two payment systems for individual and for corporate clients, user management system, learning management system. A long-term project where we are helping to make it a success.

  • Website development
  • Development of e-shops

BalticMaps application

Adjustments and improvements to a well known regional map application, development of iOS compatible mobile application. This project marked the beginning of our cooperation with “Jāņa sēta” – our legendary cartography and GIS service providers.

  • Mobile applications

Ukraine Parliament Electronic assistant (chatbot)

Development of a chatbot for the members of Ukrainian Parliament. This chatbot helps to orientate in the legislative documentation and reference books.


Platform Atvērtā Latvija (Open Latvia) (

A handy tool to introduce open government principles for Latvian state institutions. We helped to design the site, wrote the code and a widget for the collection and summarizing of the public ideas.

  • Website development

ProjectGuru (

Telegram based web bot – assistant. It helps to write a project, turning vague ideas into simple, concise and clear descriptions.